RELATED: Stephen King: 5 Character Hits (& 5 Misses) Based On Book Description. He did know of one other restaurant by the same name in the city. Jurassic Park (1993). 1 The New York Times. Superbad, this isn’t. The 1983 film centers on Penn as Chicago hoodlum Mick O’Brien, who is sent to a juvenile facility after he kills a rival’s brother. The film was … How many of these movies and songs that share a name can you name? We're not looking for songs that are written for a movie, but were songs before the movie was made. About this list: Sometimes Hollywood likes to re-use the same name for different movies. You can't copyright a song name, so some movies use the fame a well known song title as their name. Finally, the latest movie to share the same name as another well-known movie, one is a cult hit for the right reasons and the other is an accidental comedy for all the wrong reasons. Both of these movies are actually comedies. Bad Boys (1983) and Bad Boys (1995). [This list does not include remakes/reboots that have the same name as the original.] Same Name Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Celebrities swap places with strangers who happen to have the same name. 10 Movies With The Same Name (That Are Definitely Not The Same Movie) - YouTube. The two films titled Notorious are easy to distinguish: one is an Alfred Hitchcock noir masterpiece and another is a music biopic. NOT "remakes" mind you, but different in every sense. There's got to be several movies that also have the same title, but are completely different movies. It's an odd choice to name your film after a well-known film that's already been made. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list? Same Name is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (5 episodes). RELATED: Twilight: The Main Characters & Their Harry Potter Counterpart. The movies below all share the same name and (spoiler alert!) 2. The biggest difference is that one is a sleeper hit and the other is a less than amazing comedy. It is based on the 2006 book of the same name by Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent. Same Name Movie Clu‪b‬ Same Name Movie Club Visual Arts Listen on Apple Podcasts. Same Name Slideshow III Quiz However, one is a screwball featuring Saturday Night Live alumni, and another is a New Zealand black comedy literally about sheep. On the other hand, 2012's Project X is about a group of friends who throw a party for their friend’s birthday that eventually results in havoc. Where do I stream Same Name online? Night Club (1989) Genre: Drama Director: Michael Keusch 2 The New York Times. Since you are already here then chances are that you are looking for the Daily Themed Crossword Solutions. Oddball the penguin-protecting dog behind movie of same name dies aged 15. However, one is a screwball featuring Saturday... 9 Christine (1983 & 2016). Daily Themed Crossword – A Fun crossword game an intellectual word game with daily crossword answers. Every once in a while you will see a trailer for a movie whose name instills a sense of déjà vu because you've seen it before, even though the new movie isn't a reboot. 10 Movies With The Same Name (That Are Definitely Not The Same Movie) Watch later. Find more similar words at! Share. Trivia Quiz - Movies and Pop Songs With the Same Name Part 3 Category: Something in the Title Quiz #378,859. It is impressive that there are two films … Jumping to 2009, Notorious features the life and legacy of Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. It is based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk. While some are unique on every level, others are beautifully common, leading to a lot of run-ins with people who have the same name… NEXT: 10 Movies That Changed Their Title For Some Reason. Rebecca is a 1940 American romantic psychological thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock.It was Hitchcock's first American project, and his first film under contract with producer David O. Selznick.The screenplay by Robert E. Sherwood and Joan Harrison, and adaptation by Philip MacDonald and Michael Hogan, were based on the 1938 novel of the same name by Daphne du Maurier. Fun: (2.91) In 1980s Italy, romance blossoms between a seventeen-year-old student and the older man hired as his father's research assistant. This movie’s existence is overshadowed by the young-adult phenomenon known as Twilight - the enthralling love saga of teenager Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson), and werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner), which truly defined the early 2010s. show list info. Paolo Alfar is a freelance writer, based in Manila, Philippines. Weathering with You If you like Your Name, you should watch other anime movies directed by... 2. I was thinking about the typical citation standard for referencing movies, where one writes the title and the release year, in the format "Title (Release year)" e.g. RELATED: 10 Most Misleading Movie Titles, Ranked. The 1983 film is based on a Stephen King novel about teenager Arnie Cunningham, who buys a red-and-white Plymouth Fury named Christine. 20th Century Fox via Everett Collection. But, as Tech Insider reports, "High-Rise," a new movie based on the book of the same name, is about to add to the list of stories about fictional architects. Try using your full name (such as William). Weathering with You. The songs were not directly written for the movie… The 1996 Black Sheep features Chris Farley as an oddball brother to a gubernatorial candidate, whom David Spade’s campaign aide must control. For These 15 Popular TV/Movie Characters With The Same First Name, Who Do You Instantly Think Of? Though Hollywood studios develop films separately, sometimes movies that are eerily similar will be released in the same calendar year. 10 Movies With The Same Name (That Are Definitely Not The Same Movie) 10 Black Sheep (1996 & 2006). His passion for films is accidental when he designed a movie theater during his childhood. 11 movies with the same name that are totally different 1. Its twists veer into laughable territory, at times. Same Name is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. With Bad Boys For Life released this year, little did anyone know that the title Bad Boys was first used for a Sean Penn dramatic film. For example, 'Pretty in Pink' was a song years before John Hughes used it for the movie of the same name. The African Queen is a 1951 British–American adventure film adapted from the 1935 novel of the same name by C. S. Forester. Batman & Robin, basato sul film omonimo, mostra numerosi batcomputer nascosti in tutta Gotham. That same year another sci-fi action movie was released, The Thirteenth Floor, and both movies follow very similar storylines. Sound familiar? By Alepcot. ABC South West Vic / By Bridget Judd. While you may have first chalked it up to mere coincidence, a quick scroll through the list below suggests otherwise. Each … We're not looking for songs that are written for a movie, but were songs before the movie was made. Both films are truly unnerving in their own way. Many other players have had difficulties withCathy ___ Crosby actress who portrayed Wonder Woman in a TV movie of the same name in 1974 that is why we have decided to share not only this crossword clue but all the Daily Themed Crossword Answers every single day. 5 Recommended Anime Movies Similar to Your Name 1. Same Kind of Different as Me is a 2017 American Christian drama film directed by Michael Carney, in his feature directorial debut, and written by Ron Hall, Alexander Foard and Michael Carney. Many movies get their names from a song that plays a prominent role in the movie, either as part of the soundtrack or as the inspiration for the movie's plot. But at least moviegoers can breathe easily now that the team-up of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye made the better Avengers movie, which defined a generation. But to avoid confusion, the 2015 movie is a Bruce Willis direct-to-video action flick, and the 2018 film is an Academy Award-winning Adam McKay satirical comedy-drama. 'Ghostbusters' on the other hand, was written specifically for the movie. Here's part three of theses quizzes. Needless to say, it is poorly received. 10 trivia questions, rated Easy. See photos from Same Name episodes, red carpet events and get the latest cast images and more on Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. The series first aired on July 24, 2011. Where we prove every movie is the same by taking two movies that seem to have nothing in common but the names and show you how they are almost exactly alike. Famous people: We've got an extensive list, try movie stars, sports heroes, political, scientific, or historic figures. First off, the 1946 Notorious is a spy thriller about a woman and her cohorts (Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains) entangled in a deadly operation in South America. This list will cover some of the most popular recent movies that share the same name. The film was directed by John Huston and produced by Sam Spiegel and John Woolf. Same Name: TV Review. Strangely Similar Movies Released at the Same Time Have you ever noticed two seemingly identical movies being released at the same time and wondered why Hollywood studios would do such a thing? This site uses third party cookies for analytics and advertising. While it is not unusual to see such coincidental movie titles, it says something about its marketing that producers would want to use the same title over again. 5 Reasons Jared Leto Should Get His Own Joker Movie (& 5 Reasons He Shouldn’t), 10 Movies With The Same Name (That Are Definitely Not The Same Movie), Stephen King: 5 Character Hits (& 5 Misses) Based On Book Description, 5 Best Action Movies From The 90's (& 5 That Missed The Mark), Twilight: The Main Characters & Their Harry Potter Counterpart, 10 Movies That Changed Their Title For Some Reason, Disney: 10 Strange Inspirations Behind Beloved Characters You Never Knew About, Disney: 5 Good Characters Fans Hated (& 5 Villains They Loved), Snyderverse: 10 Things That Are Possible Post-Snyder Cut, The Expendables: The MBTI® Personalities Of Barney & His Crew, 10 Best Up-And-Coming Directors With Four Movies Or Less, Zack Snyder's Justice League: 10 DCEU Characters Ready To Join The Sequels, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - 5 Characters With The Most (& 5 With The Least) Screentime, Every Live-Action Movie Featuring Batman (Ranked By IMDb), 5 Reasons The MCU Should Have R-Rated Movies Like Joker (& 5 Why It Shouldn't), 10 Live-Action Movies Featuring Iron Man (Ranked By IMDb), Jessica Walter's 10 Best Movie & TV Roles, Ranked According To IMDb, 10 Biggest MCU Phase Four Set Photo Reveals (So Far), When Harry Met Sally & 9 Other Perfect Rom-Coms, 10 Best Revenge Movies Like Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Twilight: Each Main Character's Happiest (& Saddest Scene), Star Wars: The Final Battle From Every Movie, Ranked. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets Synonyms for with the same name as include for, in honour of, in honor of, after, as a tribute to, in deference to, in recognition of, as a homage to, in admiration of and in reverence of. The Alpilles mountains are located entirely within the Regional Natural Park of the same name, created on February 1, 2007. You can also watch Same Name … In 1999 a movie came out that would change the way films were made forever, sci-fi action The Matrix was a huge hit with audiences worldwide. The Avengers (1998) and The Avengers (2012). Can you name the first names (or widely-used nicknames) shared by these movie characters and famous figures? Yes, there are two Twilight movies. The second Vice chronicles the unconventional rise of Dick Cheney (Christian Bale in seamless makeup) as the most powerful U.S. vice president in history. This works quite well, except if there ever is a movie which has the same name as another movie that came out during the same … RELATED: 5 Best Action Movies From The 90's (& 5 That Missed The Mark). Recently, there have been two films titled Vice. There are two Project X movies in two different genres. In case something is wrong or missing kindly let us know by leaving a comment below and we will be more than happy to help you out. One is a science-fiction film about a chimpanzee and another is a found-footage party movie. But the first I can think of (so far) are--- BROKEN ARROW-- there's the 1950 Jimmy Stewart movie, and the 1996 flick with John Travolta and Christian Slater. Here is another example of the movies with same name and same release year. Poltergeist is a 1982 American supernatural horror film directed by Tobe Hooper and written by Steven Spielberg, Michael Grais and Mark Victor from a story by Spielberg. New half hour episodes once a month! Test your knowledge on this entertainment quiz and compare your score to others. Even though they have identical names, their lives could not be more different. While the biopic touches on familiar figures throughout Biggie’s career, it is conventional in portraying his life. The screenplay was adapted by James Agee, John Huston, John Collier and Peter Viertel.It was photographed in Technicolor by Jack Cardiff and has a music score by Allan Gray. The film stars Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, Olivia Holt, Jon Voight, and Stephanie Leigh Schlund. It is one of two positively-received films from Roland Emmerich. Newman plays an aging detective, given the task of finding the daughter (Reese Witherspoon) of aging actors Jack (Hackman) and Catherine Ames (Sarandon). Baby Names: Is little Junior on the way and you want to make sure he (or she) isn't stuck with the same name as 5 other kids when he gets to preschool? Yet, other times, the newer film becomes more popular. It is clear which film is the most explosive. Synopsis:Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. Fight Club is a 1999 American film directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter. you can find it below. In the first one, 1987's Project X centers on USAF airman Jimmy Garrett (Matthew Broderick), who is assigned to watch over a band of chimpanzees, only to discover a darker secret about the project. Baby Names: Is little Junior on the way and you want to make sure he (or she) isn't stuck with the same name as 5 other kids when he gets to preschool? by Kayla Yandoli. For example, 'Pretty in Pink' was a song years before John Hughes used it for the movie of the same name. Posted Wed Wednesday 15 Feb February 2017 at … From there, his fondness for movies grew. Names are a funny thing. Batman & Robin, based on the movie of the same name, features several Batcomputers hidden throughout Gotham City. He soon discovers that the car is inhabited by a possessive personality. We are sharing answers for usual and also mini crossword answers In case if you need help with answer for __ Speed Dominic Cooper movie based on a video game of the same name 2 wds. Most people know Bad Boys as the action-comedy trilogy starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as partners Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, and their exploits in Miami. 1. and 2. 'Ghostbusters' on the other hand, was written specifically for the movie. Before Marvel’s quartet of crossovers took the Avengers’ name, it was the 1998 adaptation of the British spy television series The Avengers that had it. The Plex example shows: /Music /Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 01 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V).m4a 02 - Welcome to the Machine.mp3 03 - Have a Cigar.mp3 /Foo Fighters - One By One /Foo Fighters - There is Nothing Left to Lose /U2 - Joshua Tree Same Name Slideshow II 14; Three Characters with the Same Name 8; Sliced Movies V 5; Headless Animated Movie Slideshow 3; Sliced Sci-Fi Movies 3; Movies With Payback 3; Movies AND Song Titles 2; Movies for the Birds 1; Country by Themed Movie Collage 1 Completely Different Movies With the Same Name. The more famous 1995 Bad Boys helped catapult Will Smith to front-line stardom... 2. The Garden of Words (言の葉の庭), released in 2013, is the drama anime movie that was made by Makoto... 3. From IMDb, The nightlife of young carefree friends in a wonderful 60s Rome. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Welcome to our website for all ___ Speed Dominic Cooper movie based on a video game of the same name 2 wds.. Plot, timeline, characters, etc. Try the names out here, see how many results you get. Directed by Luca Guadagnino. The first Vice centers on a Westworld-like fantasy resort, where an AI suddenly becomes sentient and rebels against Willis’ mastermind character. Enjoy! As for 2019’s Serenity, it features Matthew McConaughey as a boat captain, who was coaxed by his ex-wife (Anne Hathaway) to murder her abusive husband (Jason Clarke). Bruce Willis - The Tough, Older Badass. A reality series in which celebrities trade places with total strangers who happen to share the same name. Votes: 1,769 | Gross: $0.35M. Every once in a while you will see a trailer for a movie whose name instills a sense of déjà vu because you've seen it before, even though the new movie isn't a reboot. Same Name Number of Words Total Number of Letters First Word Letters; A Chorus & Waiting Line: 4: 18: 1: Adobe & Camera Flash: 3: 16: 5: African & Shrinking Violet Do you think of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz or The Golden Girls? Same Name, Different Song: Classic Hits That Share The Same Title ... Metallica actually bought the rights to the movie and they used clips from it to haunting and powerful effect in the video. The late 90s saw two action stars claiming to be “The Patriot.” The first stars Steven Seagal in a thriller and he plays an immunologist-turned-self-defense expert who must find a cure for an active virus that is about to sweep a Montana town. You can't copyright a song name, so some movies use the fame a well known song title as their name. This lazy film phenomenon doesn't happen often but when it does, usually the two movies have nothing in common. Movie Reviews TV Reviews Roundtables Podcasts THR Presents. (Jamal Woolard). Both the movie and pop song share the same title. Follow him on Letterboxd at Paolo_the_TPS. But, to put it all straight, the other Twilight film is one that almost no one knows about and is a crime thriller starring Paul Newman, Gene Hackman and Susan Sarandon. Movies will usually just follow the Movie/Title convention while music can be ordered by album, artist and/or track. And the Leo DiCaprio epic "Blood Diamond" somehow kicked off that passion. Mr. Magoriam's Wonder Emporium is not on this list. The latest Christine-titled film is based on the life of journalist Christine Chubbuck (Rebecca Hall), a television journalist who is the first person to commit suicide on live TV. A list of 169 films compiled on Letterboxd, including The Avengers (2012), The Avengers (1998), The Double (2013), The Double (2011) and The Other Woman (2014). Today we will discuss about some Bollywood movies with same name but have different stories. If you're using a shortened form of your name (like Will, or Bill), you may get fewer results than you expect. The first Serenity, from 2005, is a feature-length continuation of the cult hit Firefly, which sees Mal (Nathan Fillion) and the crew of Serenity stopping an assassin from capturing one of their own. That disaster was memorialized in a 1997 book and a 2000 movie by the same name. This spy “comedy” features Ralph Fiennes as John Steed and Uma Thurman as Emma Peel, as they cooperate to stop a weather scientist (Sean Connery) from taking over the world. The Garden of Words. … This lazy film phenomenon doesn't happen often but when it does, usually the two movies have nothing in common. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Both of these movies are actually comedies. Director: Péter Engert | Stars: C.J. With the large number of movie titles that are reused, again and again, it is sometimes puzzling trying to distinguish which film is which. Look no further because you will find whatever you are looking for in here. Thomason, Monica Keena, Edward Furlong, Andre Royo. With Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet, Michael Stuhlbarg, Amira Casar. It is impressive that there are two films titled Christine that have dark, spine-tingling subject matter. There have been a lot of movies throughout history that have the same title as an already existing film. It should be noted, however, that the architect in "High-Rise" takes on the role of the villain. The second one stars Mel Gibson and he plays war veteran Benjamin Martin, who reluctantly joins in the American Revolutionary War after his family was affected. Same Name - Movies and Songs Edition. On the other hand, the 2006 Black Sheep centers on a flock of sheep that went rabid and ravaged a farm. Thanks to a devastating nuclear war, a group of people find themselves crammed together in a house in rural Texas, struggling to cope with radiation poisoning, grief and the locals. 150 of the Most Popular Films of the 21st Century,'s Top 100 Best Movies of All Time (2021 Edition), Scoopwhoop - Hollywood Films That Need to Be Seen by Every Movie Buff, Underrated and Underseen: 100 Movies That Deserve Better Recognition (Part 2: Hard), A Definitive List of Movies You NEED to See. Based on their posters, both have characters with distinctive bald features. This cannot be undone. Night Club (1989) Genre: Comedy Director: Sergio Corbucci Stars: Christian De Sica, Mara Venier, Massimo Wertmüller.

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