: Mann, Golo: 9783596113309: Books - Amazon.ca In today’s post I want to start sharing with you some quotes from the book, which I consider one of the best history books on Europe. You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Zu Golo Manns bekanntesten Schriften gehören die 1958 erschienene Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. After 1890 German affairs took a turn for the worse and therefore many historians came to the conclusion that Bismarck’s fall was a disaster and the beginning of all Germany’s misfortune. I am not aiming at reproducing the great intensity of the book, or summarize it. (p. 415), Our character is determined partly by the reality in which we live, by the tasks that confront us. Jahrhunderts 3 By: Golo Mann Narrated by: Achim Höppner ... Für Golo Mann jedoch wurde es Preußens Funktion, "seine unvorhersagbare, ungewollt, vom Eigensinn der Geschichte ihm zugespielte Chance und Aufgabe, der deutschen Nation ihre moderne Form zu geben". To facilitate the historical context, I added in some parts a [timeline tag]. ], How small the people sometimes are who are in a position to make history, how base their motives, their thoughts, their character… This enmity, this paralysis of German politics caused by the conflict of the mass parties, gave them (the Nazis) their chance… An industrial society in a state of great political excitement could be ruled either democratically or demagogically and tyranically. (p. 636). Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. German youth did have ideals when it came to nation and state, but given modern society as it was these ideals could only be cultivated by a small, young circle. For ease of reference, in each quote I will use  the page number of the 1990 reprint. Instead, Hindenburg appointed Schleicher as chancellor. Archiv der Weltgeschichte. (p. 619), “Blood for gold”, was what Spengler taught, and “work for moneybags, blood for gold” was what the National Socialists sang later. … All I want is to present some elements of the work that are representative of its author and his views, which I find stimulating and challenging. More from the same. Papen owed his appointment to the Chancellorship to General Kurt von Schleicher, an old friend from the pre-war General Staff and influential advisor of President Hindenburg. (p. 422), The semi-dictatorship which Bismarck had exercised in order to preserve the peace, to deprive German development of its momentum, had collapsed in 1890. If he tries to do this he multiplies the damage done to himself. (p.  582), Spengler, like Hegel, was aware of living at the end of an historical epoch, and he was stimulated by the war as Hegel had been by Napoleon’s appearance…What was dangerous for Hegel, the glorification of war, the worship of power and success, Spengler took over. The question of whether you can kill me or I can kill you arises between all living beings who do not share the same laws and do not trust each other. Neither side had a majority on its own, and no coalition could be formed to create a governing majority. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. 50 16.12.2019. $9.52. Jahrhunderts, die in Millionenauflage erschien, in neun Sprachen übersetzt wurde und als Standardwerk gilt, sowie seine 1971 veröffentlichte Wallenstein-Biographie. Although they emerged once more as the largest party by far, they had fewer seats than before, and failed to form a government coalition in the Reichstag parliament. Mann, Golo, 1909-1994. ], It is impossible to single out all the elements, poisonous or healthy, that fed the Nazi movement. … It is logical that when war penetrates and dominates everything, when it is “total” war, the general must rule. [Timeline: Brüning was appointed chancellor by Hindenburg on 29 March 1930 when the grand coalition under the Social Democrat Hermann Müller collapsed.]. (p.445), The trouble with all youth movements is that they fail to keep their promises, however hard they try. (p.688), “I spent the whole evening sitting before a mirror to keep myself company.”. April 1994 in Leverkusen; eigentlich Angelus Gottfried Thomas Mann; heimatberechtigt in Kilchberg) war ein deutsch-schweizerischer Historiker, Publizist und Schriftsteller. History confirms this a hundred times. When the votes were counted in September 1930, it appeared that the supporters of the National Socialists had increased tenfold (my note: from 12 to 107). Skip to main content. The heritage of the author led me to expect a history written in beautiful, polished, and expressive German, which indeed turned out to be the case. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. On the same day Schleicher, to avoid a vote of no-confidence in the Reichstag when it reconvened on 31 January, asked the president to declare a state of emergency. (p. 501), War have almost never gone according to plan; sooner or later they have developed in a way not foreseen by the strategists on either side. ( Geschichte). Jahrhunderts. (c)+(p) 2007 Diogenes Verlag AG. (p. 620), By praising old Prussia but criticizing the monarchy, by ridiculing the ideal of progress, by glorifying war but claiming to be a socialist, by completely overthrowing conventional ways of thinking in politics Spengler became the co-founder of an intellectual movement which the present writer cannot ignore, however confused it was and however little came of it in the end. The unpopular countries were France and Russia, France because it was revolutionary, imperialistic and restless, and Russia because it was exotic, barbarian and despotic. It was called the “Conservative Revolution” . Den konkreten Lauf der Geschichte stellt er mit präszisen Beschreibungen und tiefsinnigen Analysen ebenso in den Mittelpunkt wie die Personen, die entscheidende Weichen stellten oder als Zeitzeugen Interessantes zu berichten haben. Das Buch liest sich wunderbar, konnte es nicht aus der Hand legen und verstehe jetzt endlich wesentliche Zusammenhänge. If Balkan nationalism triumphed over Turkey it would also triumph over Austria and in Austria. (p.654), [Timeline: In March 1932, presidential elections pitted the incumbent Hindenburg, supported by pro-democratic parties, against Hitler and communist Ernst Thälmann. (p. 576), The economic chaos of the post-war years, the growing inflation brought with it a profound change. Většinou jsme zahlcováni literaturou na historii z hlediska vítězů. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Golo Mann Angelus Gottfried Thomas «Golo» Mann (fødd 27. mars 1909 i München, død 7. april 1994 i Leverkusen) var ein tysk-sveitsisk historikar, skribent, kommentator og forfattar. (p.678), [Timeline: On 9 January 1933, Papen and Hindenburg agreed to form a new government that would bring in Hitler. Deutsche Geschichte im 19. und 20. ], [Timeline: The results of the November 1932 election were a great disappointment for the Nazis. It was possible to have differences of interest and opinion, they existed everywhere and could be dealt with, But the nation needed to be reasonably at peace with itself and with the rest of the world. (p. 468) Economic interests bring people together, politics divide them. Mann was born in Munich.As a child, he pronounced his first name as Golo, and this name was adopted.He had an elder sister, Erika Mann, an elder brother, Klaus Mann, and three younger siblings, Monika, Elisabeth and Michael. Jahrhunderts. Jahrhunderts. (p.478), It was an old Austrian axiom that the “monarchy” would not last much longer than Turkey. Realizing that Schleicher was moving to replace him, Papen asked Hindenburg to fire Schleicher as defence minister. (p.426), Great states, that is states which under given conditions regard themselves as great, want to be influential beyond their own frontiers. In today’s post I will continue sharing with you some quotes from the book, which I consider one of the best history books on Europe. Overview; Releases; Recordings; Works; Events; Relationships; Aliases; Tags; Details; Edit; Discography. His (Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria) views on Serbia were more or less those of Bismarck, namely that its plum trees and pigs were not worth the bones of an Austrian soldier. Fünfzig Jahre deutsche Republik (1970) Wallenstein. Had the Communists not put up a third candidate, the “popular bloc”, represented by a mild Center republican, would have triumphed over Hindenburg’s “Reich bloc”. Große Personen unserer Geschichte ; Das Silmarillion; What listeners say about Stürmischer Beginn. Sample Preußen erobert Deutschland; Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. Although he has no ideas in stone for emergencies he adopts the ideas of others and reproduces them skilfully… If Bullow wants to set one man against another he says with a charming smile ot the one that the other does not like him. ], [Timeline: In the morning of 29 January, Papen met with Hitler and Hermann Göring at his apartment, where it was agreed that Papen would serve as Vice-Chancellor and Commissioner for Prussia. It was in the same meeting that Papen first learned that Hitler wanted to dissolve the Reichstag when he became Chancellor and, once the Nazis had won a majority of the seats in the ensuing elections, to activate the Enabling Act. [Timeline: In April 1932 Brüning had both the communist “Rotfrontkämpferbund” and the Nazi Sturmabteilung banned. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I use the English translation by Marian Jackson, reprinted by Penguin Books in 1990. France, Belgium occupy the Ruhr over failed reparation payments. német–svájci történész, publicista és író. Hindenburg formally gave Papen the task of forming a new government. (c)+(p) 2007 Diogenes Verlag AG Show more Show less Book 1 Stürmischer Beginn; Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts. Deutsche Geschichte 1919-1945 by Mann, Golo. … After six weeks nothing was left of any of these plans and elaborate stratagems. Papen told his cabinet that he planned to have martial law declared, which would allow him to rule as a dictator. Emperor William II abdicates and goes into exile. .. (p.478), Nothing is inevitable until it has happened. ISBN … ISBN 3-772-95003-5; 1971 Wallenstein. The Austrians therefore regarded the end of the First Balkan War as a defeat. Home » Books » Cultural Amnesia » Golo Mann. If it was not no constitution could help it…(p.574), Munich thus became the center both of Bavarian opposition and of an all-German conspiracy against Berlin democracy… Berlin was supposed to hold together the divided, threatened and deeply dissatisfied nation. (p. 635), A few months later, at the beginning of October (1929), Gustav Stresemann died after a stroke. (Golo Mann) Grundtatsachen der deutschen Geschichte. Kniha německého historika mne zaujala. Großes Lob, es gibt also doch spannende und trotzdem professionell verfasste Geschichtsbücher. Hitler made no progress as long as things were going tolerably well in Germany. (p. 492), By nature man oscillates between egoism and the desire to destroy himself for a great cause. On 23 January, Papen presented to Hindenburg his idea for Hitler to be made Chancellor, while keeping him “boxed” in. Hyperinflation leads to economic collapse. .. Economic competition can be controlled by sensible aim of making money; the same does not apply to political competition. (p.618), What made Oswald Spengler into a central intellectual figure was his description of the present and the immediate future. That they respected each other and were prepared to live together. (p.467), The Habsburg monarchy was a survival of the past, the only great non-national state in the age of nationalism. F.ex. (p. 476), The living know they will die but they do not believe it because they have become used to life and only know life. 1929 – Global depression, mass unemployment. A timeline from 1890 to 1933, when Hitler was appointed Chancellor. The verdict was final; it could not be reversed five years later. Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. (p.438) …alliances, however peacefully meant, always provoke others, and thus increase the danger they try to avert. Jahrhunderts 6 (Audible Audio Edition): Golo Mann, Claus Biederstaedt, Diogenes Verlag AG: Amazon.ca: Audible Audiobooks Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. The Nazi Party had the advantage that it was in no way involved with what had happened in Germany since 1919. In the end, the President, who had previously vowed never to let Hitler become Chancellor, appointed Hitler to the post at 11.30 am on 30 January 1933, with Papen as Vice-Chancellor. © 2008-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Jahrhunderts”, first published in German in 1958. The united right chose Hindenburg as its candidate and Admiral von Tirpitz persuaded him to accept the honour – two veterans of 1870. Thomas Mann és Katharina Pringsheim harmadik gyermeke. Golo Mann, rodným jménem Angelus Gottfried Thomas Mann (27. březen 1909, Mnichov – 7. duben 1994, Leverkusen) byl německý historik a esejista, syn spisovatele Thomase Manna.Narodil se jako bavorský Němec, od roku 1936 měl československé občanství, od roku 1943 americké, od roku 1968 švýcarské. It seemed natural to them that Poles lived under Prussian rule because the strong expands at the expense of the weak … But the same mutual, arrogant dislike separated Germans and Czechs, the latter regarding themselves as morally superior and the former as basically stronger, as having the justification of history behind them. (p.543), We know today that the wars of this century are bad for everybody and that the victor cannot undo the damage done to him by doubling or increasing to hundredfold that done to the defeated enemy. Golo Mann hat ein brilliante Sprache. This led to disappointments and later also to political aberrations. Its early years are marked by high unemployment and rampant inflation. Jahrhunderts. On the evening of 22 January, in a meeting at the villa of Joachim von Ribbentrop in Berlin, Papen made the concession of abandoning his claim to the Chancellorship and committed to support Hitler as Chancellor in a proposed “Government of National Concentration”, in which Papen would serve as Vice-Chancellor and Minister-President of Prussia. The original’s title is “Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. Other + Audiobook. 32 megvásárolható és előjegyezhető golo könyvet talál az antikvarium.hu kínálatában. Zunächst, ich schätze Clark, Kershaw, Leonhard, ... sehr und verschlinge deren Bücher geradezu. Enter your email address to subscribe to panathinaeos.com and receive notifications of new posts by email. Both states were supra-national and violated the principle of the nation-state. Golo Mann was die derde kind van die Nobelpryswenner vir Literatuur Thomas Mann en sy vrou Katia. In Germany civil was had threatened since 1930; this was not a climate in which the economy could flourish. (p. 656), [Timeline: Hindenburg at the end of May 1932 was persuaded to dismiss Brüning as chancellor, replacing him with Franz von Papen, a renegade of the Centre Party, and a non-partisan “Cabinet of Barons”. Nor was it felt as such. (p. 628), The Weimar Constitution provided for the election of the President by the people, by all men and women entitled to vote. 1-Click ordering is not available for this item. In the Reichstag of 1928 the Nazis has mustered only 12 members and the Nazis were considered as part of the “lunatic fringe”. Author of Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. Such, more or less, must have been the mood before 1914. (p. 512), War is known to strengthen the strong and to weaken the weak, those who are already on their way down. Life. All the major parties by this time had their own “strong arm” squads. After 1930 only the Army and the President – two not very republican institutions – stood between the Nazis and the Republic (p.685). Publication date 1968 Publisher New York, Praeger Collection inlibrary; printdisabled; internetarchivebooks; americana Digitizing sponsor Internet Archive Contributor Internet Archive Language English; German. Filter. X. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. This was a loss of the kind which the Republic could least afford at this moment. Books by Golo Mann (Author of Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. In her diary his mother de­scribes him in his early years as sen­si­tive, ner­vous and frightened. (Golo Mann) Neither the Nazi Party nor Hindenburg had a governing majority, and the other parties refused co-operation. Golo Mann hat ein brilliante Sprache. There is always something in victory to be ashamed of. Something went wrong. 624), At the 1919 elections to the National Asembly more Germans voted for the Social Democrats than voted for the National Socialists even at the time of their greatest popular triumph in the summer of 1932. The Council of the People’s Deputies, a provisional government consisting of three delegates from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and three from the Independent Social Democratic Party (USPD), took over the executive power on the following day and called for a National Congress of Councils on 16 to 21 December to convene in Berlin. Please try your request again later. (p.439), On the contrary, in the nineteenth century Germany had been definitely popular among the Anglo-Saxons. Such a treaty does not last linger than the political situation on which it was based. 1924 – Hitler writes Mein Kampf – “My Struggle” – in prison. Something had to be done with them. Mann, Golo, 1909-Geschichte und Geschichten. Picture Information. konicekbily. I use the English translation by Marian Jackson, reprinted by Penguin Books in 1990. "Wer sich in die Geschichte der deutschen Nation vertieft, der hat leicht den Eindruck eines unruhigen Lebens in Extremen", so Golo Mann. They called the treaty a “dictation” which indeed it was; because genuine negotiations had taken place only between the victors, not between victors and vanquished. Přidat komentář. golo művet keres? Translation of Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. Download one of the Free Kindle apps to start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. The energies of the German Reich could no longer be neutralized as in Metternich’s day. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in. Jan Dąbrowski “Wielka wojna 1914-1918” ( The Great War 1914-1918) Warsaw 1937, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9423922, In other countries the crisis brought to the top the most ruthless, most imaginative politicians, Lloyd George in England and a year later Clemenceau in France. Thus, Papen’s minority government continued, leading to another election in November. .. Only in the last ten or twelve years before 1914 did Germany become unpopular in Britain. Golo Mann (historian, essayist and writer) ~ Person. ISBN 3-596-11330-X; 1964 Wilhelm II. Fischer, Frankfurt/Main 1992. Tolles Buch, sehr schöner Schreibstil und inhaltlich hochinteressant und logisch dargelegt. Golo Mann. Eine Jugend in Deutschland (1986) Wissen und Trauer (1992) Eksteraj ligiloj Hindenburg declined and Schleicher resigned at midday on 28 January. Find more information about: OCLC Number: 1953918: Description: 532, [4] pages 21 cm: Contents: Fruhe stucke --Untersuchungen --Deutschalnd, Deutsche geschichte … For ease of reference, in each quote I will use  the page number of the 1990 reprint. Image not available. Foreign policy is largely irrational and comes up against elements that are also irrational. Papen’s attempt to negotiate with Hitler failed. : Mann, Golo: 9783103479058: Books - Amazon.ca Chaos does not resolve itself on its own; what is needed are ideas and determination and not just a well-prepared constitution. Weimar: Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. Golo Mann, 1978. The system by which Germany was governed depended on the pleasure of the President. Deutsche Geschichte 1919–1945, 1958: více informací... Komentáře; Bazar; Recenze ; Zajímavosti; Vydání; Diskuze; Nahrávám... Komentáře (3) Kniha Dějiny Německa 1919–1945. The good period of the Weimar Republic was thus, on closer inspection, not so good after all. Hindenburg was elected, although by a narrow majority. Like no one else Stresemann had kept Parliament together, had personally made possible the compromise between labor and capital, and by his diplomacy had given meaning to Germany’s existence as a state among states. ], It was because of Papen’s activities that Hitler became Chancellor in a particular way and this fact alone should have been enough to make Papen remain forever silent in shame and remorse. (p. 570), The Weimar Constitution presupposed that the Germans were agreed on the basic concepts of their communal existence. The original’s title is “Deutsche Geschichte des 19. und 20. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Find all the books, read about the author and more. 1919 – Treaty of Versailles: Germany loses colonies and land to neighbors, pays large-scale reparations. Beginning of the Weimar Republic, based on a new constitution. Sein Leben erzählt von Golo Mann. Jahrhunderts: Golo Mann gelesen von Achim Höppner & Claus Biederstaedt: 1: Showing official release groups by this artist. He also appointed Friedrich Ebert as his own successor as Chancellor. After his death in the spring of 1925 it became necessary to hold an election. Endlich ist Geschichte spannend und verständlich. Under pressure from Schleicher, Papen resigned on 17 November and formed a caretaker government. [Since 1929, Germany had been suffering from the Great Depression as unemployment rose from 8.5% to nearly 30% between 1929 and 1932, while industrial production inside Germany dropped roughly 42%. I use the English translation by Marian Jackson, reprinted by Penguin Books in 1990. Golo Mann var son av Katia Pringsmann og den tyske forfattaren og nobelpristakaren Thomas Mann. No Kindle device required. – Leverkusen, 1994. április 7.) The third part will cover the period from January 1933 to the early 1960s. 1890 – Growing workers’ movement culminates in founding of Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). (p.679), Once in power (1933) Hitler therefore found it terrifyingly easy to assume absolute control, and the political parties in particular were reduced to dust at his touch. ], [Timeline: The July 1932 elections resulted in great gains by the Nazi Party; with 230 seats, it was the largest party in parliament but without an overall majority. Papen’s cabinet had almost no support in parliament and only three days after his appointment, when faced with the opposition, had Hindenburg dissolve the Reichstag and called for new elections, for 31 July, so that the Reichstag could not dismiss him immediately. (p.686), [Timeline: In the November 1932 election the Nazis lost seats, but Papen was still unable to secure a Reichstag that could be counted on not to pass another vote of no-confidence in his government.

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