I don't think it was about reputation, since it was already bad. Here comes Frank, yet again, with a scheme that makes no sense; there goes Claire, yet again, testing the limits of nepotism; welcome back Doug Stamper, here to brood, relapse and hit someone? No longer was Frank thrillingly attacking, but stuck in defence, limited by his office, doomed to repetition. The last season of the show and it did not end with Clair knocking on wood (I felt like a part of my soul died. Yeah, I can see it. House of Cards likely won’t be coming back for awhile, if at all. In this ending it seems like claire's house of cards is still going which is why i didn't like it. Hedgeye, Released on 1/28/21. Thank you Robin Wright. For our spoiler-free review of the season, click here. entertainment experience. House of Cards viewers, however, know that Claire and Frank have separate bedrooms in the White House, for one thing, and that at the end of season five, Claire had banished him to a hotel. “House of Cards” opened doors for the tech giant, but now it’s just another piece of disposable content. Worse than all that, though, was that the show had lost its edge, its wit, its dark sense of fun; it didn’t even break the fourth wall that much any more. The House of Cards Season 6 finale embodied Frank Underwood’s spirit, the evolution of Claire Hale (Robin Wright) and, last but not least, the blindly loyal Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly). The show stars big names like Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. In spite of all these factors, however, House of Cards didn’t ultimately crumble because of context. I don't think what she did was as a noble as you paint it. The last season of the show is when the writers decide to give us flashbacks of Clair's childhood (it's to late). House of Cards X Dutch Elections for Netflix - Kraai&Uil picture. Its third, Russia-centric series riffed upon the homophobic policies of Vladimir Putin; its fourth gave Frank a scandal involving the KKK. In the words of Obama himself: “Man, this guy’s getting a lot of stuff done.”. Hark at the great political operator Frank Underwood, for example, whose grand solution to a problem in season five is to push his secretary of state down some stairs. Sorry, no amount of “explanation” mitigates the nonsense that this finale was. While I did enjoyed watching him, this season still had the political intrigue we're used to. Season five had him calling for a travel ban, and also saw his wife, Robin Wright’s Claire, attain power – obviously banking on a Hillary Clinton administration. I like the theory on Vox that the original ending to the series was probably Frank going to kill Claire, and Doug stopping him, and when they rushed to rewrite the season, they kept the old ending, only they used it in another fashion, to kill off Frank before the start of the season. Even Donald Trump isn’t that stupid. But she has sex with him? House of Cards has always thrived upon topicality. 319.5k Followers, 7 Following, 87 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from House of Cards (@houseofcards) In this series both Claire and Frank work together to make the house of cards. But it would be nice if they were there sooner, definitely. And we also see the loose ends that left behind, with characters like Zoe, Tom, Janine or Rachel and that eventually start coming to public, leading to the end of Frank's presidency. House of Cards is an American political thriller streaming television series created by Beau Willimon.It is an adaptation of the 1990 BBC series of the same name and based on the 1989 novel of the same name by Michael Dobbs.The first 13-episode season was released on February 1, 2013, on the streaming service Netflix. The last season of the show and the FBI director gets to walk away, knowing everything he did for the Underwood's, but Doug dies? House of Cards" IDMB Ratings by Episode [OC] : … The third season of House of Cards floated up onto Netflix yesterday, but it was quickly pulled by the streaming giant, put back in its slumber until its February 27 release date. And thank you Kevin Spacey ❤️. By comparison, the show was a parallel universe in which Washington, so mundane in reality, became the domain of snakes and raptors, of machiavellian masterminds epitomised by Democratic congressman Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), the house majority whip with ambitions of absolute power. Doug looks at the camera in the finale, much to my annoyance that the House of Cards team decided to move that exclusivity to three characters in the end. subject to availability . What we see in this final scene is the culmination of Frank's shit. Doug is the end of this cycle. This is the first proper teaser for the full season, with the previous teasers being faux campaign ads for Underwood and his Presidency within House of Cards. So, it was always meant to end like this. Let's keep in mind that before writing the next "bruh, dude this season sucks, no Frank no show, bruh, ...etc etc" These fuckers all run away leaving this woman alone sorting this shit out. House Of Cards Reddit Guide - in 2021 Our House Of Cards Reddit graphics. hand-crafted cocktails. If the ending were to truly reflect the original then both of them should have died to save their legacy or go to jail to save their legacy because in this version they both made the house of cards. Yes to everything about this post! (4) We don't actually know if the FBI director got away, maybe he was on the list of people that wanted Claire dead? Not sure why it was necessary, I thought he was the one that could outsmart them. Some say they are disappointed in the last season of hoc due to the absence of Frank Underwood. If I recall only a handful of times do they have sex. How could you not do the trademark knock on wood). I don't know guys, this is my interpretation! Why would she knock on the wood, which was his typical gesture? The red in Reddit | Long hair styles, Kate mara, Hair styles. How did she gain so many connections? House of Cards, hırslı bir politikacı olan Francis Underwood'ın zirveye nasıl adım adım çıktığını anlatıyor. Join Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough and Danielle DiMartino Booth, former Fed advisor and Chief Strategist at Quill Intelligence, in this masterclass investing discussion about critical market and economic developments. The machiavellian manoeuvring that took Frank Underwood from chief whip to president was thrilling to watch, but it left the show with nowhere to go, Last modified on Fri 29 Dec 2017 17.05 EST, When House of Cards first premiered on Netflix in 2013, the biggest story in American politics was that nothing was happening – that Congress, gridlocked over the budget of President Obama, was stuck in a frustrating state of paralysis. It doesn't need an explanation. This is a full-on spoiler discussion for those who have watched all 13 episodes of House of Cards: Season 4. Metacritic … Subreddit for the Netflix show created by David Fincher starring Kevin Spacey. Maybe he was less devoted to Frank and more to Frank's ambitions and power-hunger. Somebody please explain that to me, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HouseOfCards community. The last season of the show and that's when Doug betrays the man he loves like a father (doesn't make sense). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (2) In a way, Doug's decision makes sense to me. I can’t imagine any youngsters getting any of the references here (that is, unless they’re diehard House of Cards fans). But not since The West Wing had politics looked so possible, politicians so impressively full of agency. Frank's plans were always kind of ridiculous but near the end, he really was just sabotaging myself. The bad writing of this season would have been still even if Spacey hadn't been (rightfully) fired. Moodily lit and beautifully shot, it was still always considerably trashier than it looked, but none the worse for it, full of ridiculous dialogue and knowing hyperbole. So we have just her, alone to save this mess and her we are shitting of her even when her acting has been nothing other than spectacular, and we all know that even those who hate her. The end of cycle. EPISODE 12 REVIEW: ‘House of Cards’ Season 3 Episode 12 ‘Chapter 38’ Edges Toward the Brink. You may also be interested in: House Of Cards Reddit Season 1. House of Cards, which launched on Netflix with an unprecedented $100 million price tag, two-season straight-to-series order, and luring of filmmakers as … What we see throughout the series is Frank's rise to power and all the games and manipulations to get there. Its still a bad ending for this story as it isn't supported by what has come before it and is terribly executed (and arguably cannot even be executed without Frank). The premise is basic, it’s the The Three Little Pigs as told by “Frank Underwolf” a Muppet stand-in for Kevin Spacey’s cutthroat character Frank Underwood. Thank you House of Cards. Live Magic performed by the nation's leading magicians. The sixth season of Netflix’s political thriller House of Cards, is thankfully the last. This is illustrated by recreating the iconic scene between Frank and his neighbors' dog. Well, this was unexpected. (there is no other reason why so many questions and characters remain undeveloped). If Netflix cares about the legacy of its seminal series, this ending didn’t reflect it. He said something along the lines of not wanting everything they accomplished to go away, and I think that is her. I think that's also why Doug couldn't kill her the end either. I've been watching this show for about 2 years and I must say I loved it till the end. About Us. Whilst it might have been good on paper the execution was utterly utterly terrible. The last season of the show and Clair and Frank have sex. What Is House of Cards? Why do you say it isn't supported by what has come before? In the original Francis makes the house of cards by himself and destroys it by himself and his wife kills him to save his legacy and also have money to survive on for the rest of her life. Why the open hate when she was usually so diplomatic? Not wanting him to destroy what they worked on for years, what Doug devoted his life to making? House of Cards Season 5 is about to drop on Netflix. Fincher because he basically disappeared after directing the two first episodes and washed his hands, but kept getting those sweet coins from the executive producer credit. I thought Doug viewed Claire as the result of all the work Frank had put in, so he didn't want her destroyed. İlk sezon eleştirmenlerden olumlu yorumlar aldı. It was still ludicrous, of course, but in a much more earnest, straightforward way. Gourmet dining and . That's where Doug comes in. The baby is not Frank’s; is from Claire’s affair with Tom Yates. It was simply text: at the end of season two, Frank Underwood became president and – after the novelty wore off in series three – the show seemingly had nowhere to go. House of Cards has always thrived upon topicality. McCullough & DiMartino Booth: America’s House Of Cards . And yes it is terribly executed, we agree on that, and I saw people not understanding that's why I wanted to share my point of view. House of Cards': Ending Explains Nothing, Bad for Netflix ... Hacking" in s02e03 : HouseOfCards. why? But yes: in recent years, its outrageous portrayal of American politics doesn’t seem so outrageous any more. Adds a bit positivity to this sub and to my viewing experience :), Who actually killed Frank? I don't think the scandall with Kevin Spacey destroyed it at all since from the beginning they were leading to this - Claire's rise to power. People saying it was horrible, well they aren't totally wrong, but the end isn't bad, it's just not well executed and explained. House of Cards is Nashville’s newest and most unique dining and. Its third, Russia-centric series riffed upon the homophobic policies of Vladimir Putin; its fourth gave Frank a scandal involving the KKK. Also it goes against the original message of the British series that A house of cards will fall because it is a house of cards. If you have not yet started watching House of Cards, now is a good time to do so. In the original Francis makes the house of cards by himself and destroys it by himself and his wife kills him to save his legacy and also have money to survive on for the rest of her life. That's why I'm trying to enjoy what they've given us, which for me was actually pretty good! How did she get where she was? Hacking" in s02e03 : HouseOfCards picture. Press J to jump to the feed. For her House of Cards S6 was a juicy leading part,something you don't get often in film and she didn't do it for free. The storyline is based on an adaptation of a BBC mini-series that had the same title. She went to great lengths to separate herself from him. Last season of the show and we don't get any back story on why Jane Davis hates and avoids the Russian President (their exchange in the kitchen left me with more questions than answers). Ahead of the new season, here's a quick recap of the Rachel Posner storyline. Also it goes against the original message of the British series that A house of cards will fall because it is a house of cards. Cool; and let’s not forget everyone’s favourite writer, Tom Yates, the live-in lover of Claire who just … sits around a lot? Share to: Google+ Facebook Twitter « Newer Post Older Post » Search Here. The site's critical consensus reads, "House of Cards retains its binge-worthiness by ratcheting up the drama, and deepening Robin Wright's role even further." (3) I was devastated by Tom's death more than the others, yeah. Thank you for expressing it so clearly. If you have HoC in your portfolio I doubt you are gonna have problems finding a new job. That's what you see here, but insted of Claire, Doug killed Frank because he couldn't let all of his work going down like that. He was the responsible for that, let's stop keep thinking as Willimon as the writing genius he is not (his new show for Hulu (The First), starring Wright's ex husband is a mess and will be cancelled) Spacey, well we know what he did. See the magic. That is why I did not like the ending it goes against the message that a house of cards will fall. Here's the thing: Wright was left alone by Fincher, Willimon and ultimately Spacey, to sort out this shit while they all run away from the sinking ship, a ship they were responsible for and were to blame for the holes from where the water started sinking it. Menu. Some people say there’s too much pork in this town. That there was such foresight and the end product was the garbage it was just makes it worse. I have to disagree because in the original it was shocking that Francis's wife killed him to save his legacy because she was a background character for most of the series until the last one. (5) She is not Frank. The final season of house of cards was good. Thanks for the explanation! Doug and Claire outright say the very things you're saying in the final scene. If anything, House of Cards has found itself in the impossible position of not being stupid enough to compete with Donald Trump (Claire becoming vice president, despite having no political experience, suddenly seems tame), and yet being too frivolous for the alarming times we live in. For Netflix's House of Cards, it's the beginning of the end - and now that ending has a beginning: season 6 is set to release on Friday, November 2nd. House of cards season 2 drinking game, house of cards drinking game season 5, house of cards drinking game, house of cards drinking games, ... Related Posts To House Of Cards Drinking Game Reddit. You see, Doug never liked the man himself, he liked what he achieved and when that started going down, Doug had to kill Frank so his reputation wasn't destroyed. After this ending, I think we all need to think about it and understand what the writers were trying to do. Those crafty House of Cards writers have blindsided us again with another unexpected plot device. However, with five seasons already under its belt, there’s still plenty of House of Cards binge-watching to be had. walk-ins welcome . After this ending I've been searching around the original series and I found out that Frank is eventually killed by his wife to safe his reputation when is shit is being unfolded. Both of these come from a … Reservations encouraged. Yes, it is completely preposterous. She stood by her crew and saved the jobs when she could easily could have happily walked away with her millions giving two shits about giving a closure to this story and making the cast and crew keep their jobs. (1) Claire was put aside and overshadowed by Frank; she gets flashbacks when her personality and motives (finally, I should say!) The man who played Frank Underwood recently opined on the contagion for a “Bits and Pretzel” podcast by likening the economic fallout to the high-profile “House of Cards” collapse at Netflix. Frank, my dear, I don’t give a damn ... Kevin Spacey in House of Cards. I couldn't believe she died before we found out. It asked viewers to believe in Frank and Claire, to take seriously what they were doing, which was difficult, considering that by this time their motivations had grown vague, the show had lost interest in them as people and they were nowhere near as smart as the scripts thought they were. I actually enjoyed it. Respect. Robin Wright, who is pressing ahead as the marquee player on House of Cards after Kevin Spacey's scandal-riddled ouster last fall, is finally speaking out about her former co-star. get more explored and to me, it's a way of showing that he might have underestimated her all along. In closing, I felt that the script was written for a 7th season. The last season of the show and that's when Tom Hammerschmidt get whacked (come on!?). I thought she only had sex with Frank to calm his nerves when he's stressing out. Probably. Willimon because he was the main responsible for the terrible writing ever since season 2: are we going to forget the embarrassing writing of season 3, which is by any means far worse than this season? Agreed mate! (6) I do agree on Jane Davis... ah, I wanted a lot more of her + a lot more backstory. They rarely have sex. That's what this end is all about - the end of an era. Even if the show was going to shit at the end of day we're still talking about one of the biggest and most important shows this decade as it basically paved way for Netflix original content and evolution of TV.