However, the local production of rice is not sufficient to feed the country, so rice is imported from Asia. By 1960, Touré had declared the PDG the country's only legal political party, and for the next 24 years, the government and the PDG were one. It is advisable to never walk alone late at night, particularly as the expatriate community in Guinea is not very large and foreigners still stand out, which can make them a target. Guinea cost of living, internet speed, weather and other metrics as a place to work remotely for digital nomads. Pulaar was spoken by 33.9% of the population in 2018 as their first or native language. Conakry, the capital and largest city, is the hub of Guinea's economy, commerce, education, and culture. Species found in Guinea include the following: Guinea has abundant natural resources, including 25% or more of the world's known bauxite reserves. Mit mehr Einträgen können wir verlässlichere Werte präsentieren. Guinea has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world, according to 2017 United Nations data; some 576 women die in pregnancy or childbirth per every 100,000 live births. Electricity and water shortages are frequent and sustained, and many businesses are forced to use expensive power generators and fuel to stay open. [140], Football is the most popular sport in the country of Guinea. Smaller ethnic groups make up the remaining 16%[114] of the population, including Kpelle, Kissi, Zialo, Toma and others. 'How a diamond tycoon lost his shine in 'difficult places' A bribery case goes beyond a mine in Guinea' Article by Rachel Millard in The Sunday Times 25 August 2019. Many factors that influence people’s well-being are local issues, such as employment, access to health services, pollution and security. In Guinea the number of midwives per 1,000 live births is 1 and the lifetime risk of death for pregnant women is 1 in 26. He fell ill on 2 December 2013 and died on 6 December. As part of the plans to re-start iron ore mining at Simandou blocks 1 and 2, the new development consortium pledged in 2019 to fund the construction of a new heavy-duty standard gauge railway to Matakong on the Atlantic coast where they would also invest some US$20 billion in developing a deepwater port. [25], In 2000, Guinea became embroiled in the instability which had long blighted the rest of West Africa, as rebels crossed the borders with Liberia and Sierra Leone. Sklízí se rýže, kukuřice, maniok, banány, podzemnice olejná a palma olejná. CBG is a joint venture, 49% owned by the Guinean government and 51% by an international consortium known as Halco Mining Inc., itself a joint venture controlled by aluminium producer Alcoa (AA), global miner Rio Tinto Group and Dadco Investments. This did little to alleviate poverty, and the country showed no immediate signs of moving towards democracy. Conakry International Airport is the largest airport in the country, with flights to other cities in Africa as well as to Europe. The Wassoulou or Wassulu Empire was short-lived (1878–1898), led by Samori Toure in the predominantly Malinké area of what is now upper Guinea and southwestern Mali (Wassoulou). [135], Malnutrition is a serious problem for Guinea. A practical guide to the way of life in Guinea. Guinea is a predominantly Islamic country, with Muslims representing 85 percent of the population. In response to the vote for independence, the French settlers in Guinea were quite dramatic in severing ties with Guinea. Guinea's foreign relations, including those with its West African neighbors, have improved steadily since 1985.[56]. Die primäre Schulbildung in Guinea dauert 6 Jahre. It stretches north through the forested tropical regions and ends at the Sahel. In rural areas, food is eaten from a large serving dish and eaten by hand outside of homes. In 2014 an outbreak of the Ebola virus occurred in Guinea. Jehovah's Witnesses are active in the country and recognized by the Government. Fathers play a critical role in this process. Guinea's colonial period began with French military penetration into the area in the mid-19th century. Since it was established in 1965, three teams have dominated in winning the Guinée Coupe Nationale. Dian Dian, a Guinean/Ukrainian joint bauxite venture, has a projected production rate of 1,000,000 t (1,102,311 short tons; 984,207 long tons) per year, but is not expected to begin operation for several years. Currently, bauxite and alumina are the only major exports. It seemed for a time that the country was headed for civil war. Primary education is compulsory for 6 years,[121] but most children do not attend for so long, and many do not go to school at all. [95] He was charged with embezzlement of public funds and receiving financial and other benefits from French companies that were interested in the Guinean mining industry. In early August 2014 Guinea closed its borders to Sierra Leone and Liberia to help contain the spread of the virus, as more new cases of the disease were being reported in those countries than in Guinea. Whatever stage you are at, InterNations GO! N5 connects Mamou, Dalaba, Pita, and Labé. Like other West African countries, Guinea has a rich musical tradition. [88] In November 2016, Rio Tinto admitted paying $10.5 million to a close adviser of President Alpha Condé to obtain rights on Simandou. Often in the case of foreigners, they were forced to leave the country, after having had their Guinean spouse arrested and their children placed into state custody. [84] In February 2019, BSGR and Guinean President Alpha Condé agreed to drop all allegations of wrongdoing as well as the pending arbitration case. [68] Hyperdynamics will have until September 2016, under the current agreement, to begin drilling its next selected site, the Fatala Cenomanian turbidite fan prospect.[69][70]. Although guinea coins had not been made for a long time, prices often continued to be shown in guineas until British prices became decimal in 1971. Many of the deaths and injuries were caused by security forces using live ammunition on protesters. (GCTS)", Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, "Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011: Guinea", "Africa | Guineans mark '50 years of poverty,, "Welcome Guinea Forum: Cornered, General Lansana Conte can only hope", "Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) | Peace Castle Austria", "Lansana Conté profile: Death of an African 'Big Man, "Army steps in after Guinea president Lansana Conté dies", "U.N. 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The population of Guinea is estimated at 12.4 million. In 1977, a declining economy, mass killings, a stifling political atmosphere, and a ban on all private economic transactions led to the "Market Women's Revolt", which were anti-government riots started by women working in Conakry's Madina Market. [51], The country is a republic. The first Neuendettelsauer to be sent there was Johann Georg Pfalzer in 1886. Guinea is divided into four natural regions with distinct human, geographic, and climatic characteristics: Guinea is divided into eight administrative regions which are subdivided into thirty-three prefectures. In August 2016 that number had reached 9089. Meanwhile, the country's roads, railways and other infrastructure languished, and the economy stagnated. Guinea's mountains are the source for the Niger, the Gambia, and Senegal Rivers, as well as the numerous rivers flowing to the sea on the west side of the range in Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. The unicameral Guinean National Assembly is the legislative body of the country, and its members are also directly elected by the people. This alliance was short-lived; however, as Guinea moved towards a Chinese model of socialism. [76], In 2017, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group pled guilty to a multi-year bribery scheme, after an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) led to a trial in the United States and a fine of $412 million. When you arrive in Guinea, arrange your airport transfer in advance, particularly if you are arriving at night. Middle school runs up to the age of 17, and then there is the option to attend secondary school up to age 20. The Mali Empire was ruled by Mansa (Emperors), the most notable being Kankou Moussa, who made a famous hajj to Mecca in 1324. Guinea has the second largest known deposits of bauxite and produces 25 percent of the bauxite used in the world. [96][97], In August 2016, son of a former Prime Minister of Gabon, who worked for Och-Ziff's Africa Management Ltd, a subsidiary of the U.S. hedge fund Och-Ziff, was arrested in the US and charged with bribing officials in Guinea, Chad and Niger on behalf of the company to secure mining concessions[98] and gain access to relevant confidential information. [117] There is also a Shi'a community in Guinea. By attempting to use more community based healthcare centers and increasing accessibility to drugs and services the system has been improved, but there is still a long way to go. Our expert expat team is ready to get your relocation going, so why not jump-start your move abroad and They offer international health insurance for individuals and families who move to Equatorial Guinea. [75], Guinea has large reserves of the steel-making raw material, iron ore. Rio Tinto Group was the majority owner of the $6 billion Simandou iron ore project, which it had called the world's best unexploited resource. The traders exploited the regional slave practices that had existed for centuries of trading in human beings. The Luxembourger is a volunteer at the "Projet Primates" in Guinea and told Laura Tomassini what everyday life is like as a chimpanzee surrogate mother and bush veterinarian. Guinea's mineral wealth makes it potentially one of Africa's richest countries, but its people are among the poorest in West Africa. Cigna is one of the world's biggest international insurers with access to 1.65 million hospitals, physicians, clinics and specialists across more than 200 countries. The Soumba cascade at the foot of Mount Kakoulima in Kindia, Voile de la Mariée (bride's veil) in Dubreka, the Kinkon cascades that are about 80 m (260 ft) high on the Kokoula River in the prefecture of Pita, the Kambadaga falls that can reach 100 m (330 ft) during the rainy season on the same river, the Ditinn & Mitty waterfalls in Dalaba, and the Fetoré waterfalls and the stone bridge in the region of Labe are among the most well-known water-related tourist sites. France negotiated Guinea's present boundaries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the British for Sierra Leone, the Portuguese for their Guinea colony (now Guinea-Bissau), and Liberia. Guinée Championnat National is the top division of Guinean football. Prosecutions of its practitioners are nonexistent.[18]. Read how you can be prepared for all of this in our guide! Unfortunately, declining populations of large animals are restricted to uninhabited distant parts of parks and reserves. However, according to recordings obtained by FRANCE 24, Guinean authorities were aware of the Simandou briberies. There are two types of adoption in Guinea: (1) simple adoption (when the adopted child keeps his/her family name) and (2) full adoption (when the adopted child bears the name of the adopting family and loses his/her rights to the biological parents). [27] In 2003, Guinea agreed to plans with her neighbours to tackle the insurgents. contact us Report on huge corruption in Guinea and the trial of diamond mogul Beny Steinmetz in Switzerland, alleging millions of dollars paid in bribes to Madamie Toure, wife of the late Lansana Conte. Liebe / Ehe und Familienleben bei den Eingeborenen der Trobriandinseln / Britisch-Neu-Guinea. There are 320 km (200 mi) of coastline and a total land border of 3,400 km (2,100 mi). [12] Approximately 10,000 non-Africans live in Guinea, predominantly Lebanese, French, and other Europeans. The capital city of Conakry particularly has had to cope with significant population growth without the infrastructure to support it, so violent crimes are not a rare occurrence in this country. District-level leaders are elected; the president appoints officials to all other levels of the highly centralized administration. Diamonds and gold also are mined and exported on a large scale. There are currently not many opportunities for vocational education as the infrastructure of industry in the country is still in the developing stages, but local trades are passed down, often in families, in a more informal setting. The founding of a Fifth Republic was supported by the French people, while French President Charles de Gaulle made it clear on 8 August 1958 that France's colonies were to be given a stark choice between more autonomy in a new French Community or immediate independence in the referendum to be held on 28 September 1958. In 2009 the government of Guinea gave the northern half of Simandou to BSGR[82] for an $165 million investment in the project and a pledge to spend $1 billion on railways, saying that Rio Tinto wasn't moving into production fast enough. It is transmitted year-round, with peak transmission from July through October. Healthcare visits by the population declined due to fear of infection and to mistrust in the health-care system, and the system's ability to provide routine health-care and HIV/AIDS treatments decreased due to the Ebola outbreak. [50], In October 2020, president Alpha Condé won presidential elections. Moving to Guinea could be a challenging decision. Guinea declared its independence from France on 2 October 1958. Guinea je chudý zemědělský stát, i když velké zásoby nerostů jako jsou bauxit a diamanty slibují budoucí bohatství. Men and women are at nearly equal risk for HIV, with young people aged 15 to 24 most vulnerable. The opposition parties won a total of 53 seats, and opposition leaders denounced the official results as fraudulent. The Compagnie des Bauxites de Kindia (CBK), a joint venture between the government of Guinea and RUSAL, produces some 2.5 million tonnes annually, nearly all of which is exported to Russia and Eastern Europe. However, hours before that meeting, Colonels Lansana Conté and Diarra Traoré seized power in a bloodless coup. [64] In 2008, protesters upset about poor electrical services blocked the tracks CBG uses. Despite the opening in 2005 of a new road connecting Guinea and Mali, most major roadways remain in poor repair, slowing the delivery of goods to local markets. [138], The first case of COVID-19 was reported in Guinea on 13 March 2020. The late 1970s and early 1980s saw some economic reforms, but Touré's centralized control of the state remained. The National Assembly of Guinea, the country's legislative body, did not meet from 2008 to 2013, when it was dissolved after the military coup in December. Christian groups include Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists, and Evangelical groups. The exact origin of the word Guinea is disputed. [128], Ebola re-emerged in Guinea in January-February 2021. The nation forms a crescent as it curves from its southeast region to the north and west, to its northwest border with Guinea-Bissau and southwestern coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Best to start early! It is a good idea to ensure that you have enough of any medication that you take regularly with you for your entire trip to Guinea, and also to take any pain killers that you take regularly. The Republic of Guinea covers 245,857 square kilometres (94,926 sq mi) of West Africa, about 10 degrees north of the equator. Außerdem existiere… Among the top attractions are the waterfalls found mostly in the Basse Guinee (Lower Guinea) and Moyenne Guinee (Middle Guinea) regions. The Moroccans proved unable to rule the kingdom effectively, however, and it split into many small kingdoms. [147] UNICEF reports that 53.4% of Guinean women aged 15–49 are in polygamous marriages.[148]. [28], Conté remained in power until his death on 23 December 2008. The Mandinka, also known as Mandingo or Malinké, comprise 29.4%[114] of the population and are mostly found in eastern Guinea concentrated around the Kankan and Kissidougou prefectures. The landscape ... more. It continued to prosper until a civil war, over succession, followed the death of Askia Daoud in 1582. Alcoa and Alcan are proposing a slightly smaller refinery worth about $1.5 billion. Touré's government relied on the Soviet Union and China for infrastructure aid and development, but much of this was used for political and not economic purposes, such as the building of large stadiums to hold political rallies. [136], Malaria is prevalent in Guinea. Agriculture employs 80% of the nation's labor force. Many more boys are enrolled in school than girls, though the government is working to increase the levels of all children getting enrolled in the primary schools. The group Bembeya Jazz became popular in the 1960s after Guinean independence. Unsafe burials remained one of the primary sources of the transmission of the disease. It is mainly responsible for protecting the state borders, the security of administered territories, and defending Guinea's national interests. N1 connects Conakry, Coyah, Kindia, Mamou, Dabola, Kouroussa, and Kankan. Guinea costs $1,555 per month to live and work remotely. Crime is a significant issue still in Guinea, particularly late at night. [103], Homosexuality is illegal in Guinea. [42][43], The political violence also led to inter-ethnic clashes between the Fula and Malinke, the base of support for President Condé. [90], In July 2017, the UK-based anti-fraud regulator, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the Australian Federal Police[91] launched an investigation into Rio Tinto's business practices in Guinea.[92][93]. the essential services One problem is the disparity between their life and what they see on television. Plans had at one time been mooted for the passenger line to be rehabilitated as part of an iron-ore development masterplan but although the start of work was announced in 2010, corruption charges led the whole masterplan to be paused and the line was only rebuilt as a 105km mineral railway, paralleling the old route as far as the mines of Kalia. Degradation of care practices, limited access to medical services, inadequate hygiene practices and a lack of food diversity explain these levels. He said the firm would help build ports, railway lines, power plants, low-cost housing and even a new administrative centre in the capital, Conakry. [41] Nine people were killed during the protests, and around 220 were injured. [119] The dead included people who were killed with machetes and burned alive. Guinea possesses over 25 billion tonnes (metric tons) of bauxite – and perhaps up to one-half of the world's reserves. In der Küstenregion lebt zum Beispiel der Guinea-Pavian, im ganzen Land kommen der Senegal-Galego und die Grünmeerkatze vor, fast überall auch der Husarenaffe. Prevalence was highest in Conakry (5%) and in the cities of the Forest Guinea region (7%) bordering Côte d’Ivoire, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Also, Hyperdynamics Corporation, an American oil company, signed an agreement in 2006 to develop Guinea's offshore Senegal Basin oil deposits in a concession of 31,000 square miles (80,000 km2); it is pursuing seismic exploration. It was in this period that Islam first arrived in the region by way of North African traders. The third most spoken native language is the Susu language, which was spoken by 21.2% of the population in 2018 as their first language. The highest point in Guinea is Mount Nimba at 1,752 m (5,748 ft). [133][134] Surveillance surveys conducted in 2001 and 2002 show higher rates of HIV in urban areas than in rural areas. In April 2014 the Guinean government cancelled the company's mining rights in Simandou. The bulk of diamonds are mined artisanally. A guinea is a coin that was minted in the Kingdom of England between 1663 and 1813. By 28 May, there were 281 cases, with 186 deaths. Susus or Susu 1. a member of a people living chiefly in Guinea and Sierra Leone 2. the Mande language of this people [146], Polygamy is generally prohibited by law in Guinea, but there are exceptions. All three teams are based in the capital, Conakry. [67] In November 2012, Hyperdynamics subsidiary SCS reached an agreement for a sale of 40% of the concession to Tullow Oil, bringing ownership shares in the Guinea offshore tract to 37% Hyperdynamics, 40% Tullow Oil, and 23% Dana Petroleum. The adopting individual should be at least 15 years older than the adoptee. [115], The population of Guinea is approximately 85 percent Muslim and 8 percent Christian, with 7 percent adhering to indigenous religious beliefs. [141] It is run by the Guinean Football Federation. Despite this measure, the virus eventually spread from rural areas to Conakry,[124] and by late June 2014 had spread to neighboring countries - Sierra Leone and Liberia. For the concept in the African diasporic religion, see, It has been suggested that this article be, West African empires and kingdoms in Guinea, Independence and post-colonial rule (1958–2008). The 1970s were a golden decade for Guinean football. [52] Guinea's opposition is backed by the Fula ethnic group,[53] who account for around 45.9 percent of the population.[52]. The president governs Guinea, assisted by a council of 25 civilian ministers, appointed by him. [60] It had a 2019 Forest Landscape Integrity Index mean score of 4.9/10, ranking it 114th globally out of 172 countries.[61]. Currency depreciation is also a concern. A 2012 study reported high chronic malnutrition rates, with levels ranging from 34% to 40% by region, as well as acute malnutrition rates above 10% in Upper Guinea's mining zones. The European traders arrived in the 16th century. The force's equipment includes several Russian-supplied fighter planes and transports. [106] In Guinea almost all cultures, religions, and ethnicities practice female genital mutilation. Conakry is Guinea's capital, largest city, and economic centre. [39] Alpha Condé, leader of the opposition party Rally of the Guinean People (RGP), won the election, promising to reform the security sector and review mining contracts. [135], HIV is spread primarily through multiple-partner heterosexual intercourse. set of relocation services, such as home finding, school search, visa solutions, and even pet relocation. [111], The official language of Guinea is French.